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This property consists of just under 40 acres west of Highway 39 on county road 925 North. Sebert Woods is a boreal forest relic. The property contains plants and habitat you would normally see much farther north. Due to its proximity to Lake Michigan, the wet sandy soils, past land disturbance, and cooler weather have allowed this property to retain some of the plant species and habitat you will
enjoy while visiting. This property was donated to the La Porte County Park Foundation by Wilmer Sebert in 2000. In 2021 the property was dedicated as a State Nature Preserve due to the unique and special habitat and plants present. Due to the sensitivity and uniqueness of this property, the only planned development is the trail and parking area.

Park Activities

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State Dedicated Nature Preserve

This park is a dedicated state nature preserve of 40 acres. It contains a 1/2 mile loop dirt trail through a boreal forest relic containing species such as wintergreens, paper birch, winterberry, high bush blueberry, orchids, Starflower, many ferns and more. This is not a very developed park and is dedicated to foot traffic only.

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Sebert Woods County Park Hiking Trails

Come and explore the unique plants and habitat of Sebert Woods County Park’s trails.