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About the La Porte County Parks Department

The La Porte County Parks Department is committed to providing its citizens with a safe, enjoyable and educational outdoor experience. The department oversees numerous parks throughout the county, all of which provide various recreational activities for visitors to enjoy.

From fishing to hiking and nature walks, there are plenty of options for people to take advantage of when visiting the parks. The department also offers a variety of educational programs, including talks on conservation and habitat protection, as well as guided tours to teach visitors about the park’s ecology and wildlife. Visitors can also sign up for special events and activities sponsored by the department throughout the year. Whether you’re looking to enjoy nature or learn something new, La Porte County Parks has something for everyone!

The La Porte County Park Foundation

The La Porte County Park Foundation was organized and incorporated in 1990 as a not-for-profit 501(c)3 corporation. The Foundation is positioned to accept gifts and bequests which may be held for transfer to the La Porte County Parks Department until the time when they can be used to their greatest advantage.

Give back to nature through the gift of Land or Cash; or by naming the La Porte County Park Foundation in your Will, Trust, Insurance Policies and/or IRAs.

Meet Our Awesome Team

Parks Department Team

Jeremy Sobecki Headshot

Jeremy Sobecki


Cathy Fuller Headshot

Cathy Fuller

Office Manager

Cara GitzGerald Headshot

Cara FitzGerald

Recreation/Education Programmer

April Messacar Headshot

April Messacar

Chief Naturalist

Don Fuller

Maintenance Supervisor

Boyd Lomow

Maintenance Technician

Bob Walker

Maintenance Technician

John Hartigan

Maintenance Technician

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