Explore Kankakee Property

About The Park

This property is for animals only but does have a Primitive Campsite that is accessible by river only. Hiking, walking, or other travel away from the designated camping area is prohibited. The campsite is located on the Kankakee River 1.5 miles downstream of the Yellow River DNR Public Access Site on the north bank of the river.
(Lat. 041 ° 15’ 59.71”, Long. 086 ° 51’ 8.54”).

Park Activities

graphic of campsite


graphic of kayak


Important Information

  • This campsite is a La Porte County Park.
  • This campsite has river access only.
  • Camping is limited to one night in the designated area.
  • Hiking, walking, or other travel away from the designated camping area is prohibited as the site is completely bounded by private property.
  • Maximum capacity of 8 campers is allowed at this site on a first come, first serve basis only.
  • Campers must provide their own portable sanitation.
  • Equipment or personal property left on the site will be disposed of or impounded. There is no exception for caching food or gear.
  • Fires are permitted in existing fire ring only.
  • Practice “leave no trace” camping. Please leave the site in better condition than you found it.
  • Carry out all left over food and garbage.
  • Do not cut down standing dead trees, live trees, or other vegetation.
  • Do not carve or deface any standing trees, shrubs, or structures.
  • No permanent structures, nails, or other fixtures are allowed on trees.
  • All natural and historic features are protected. Please leave any of these items where they are found.
  • Alcoholic beverages, fireworks, and hunting are expressly prohibited by county ordinance.