About Us

The mission of the LaPorte County Park and Recreation Board and Department is to preserve, protect, and manage natural, cultural, and recreational resources within a diverse and balanced park system. We will provide educational opportunities through facilities and programs for all citizens of LaPorte County to further their awareness and enjoyment of those resources.


Contact the Parks Department at:

Administrative Offices:
Red Mill County Park
Canada Lodge
0185 S. Holmesville Rd.
LaPorte, IN 46350
(219) 325-8315
(219) 325-8316
Fax: (219) 325-8317
Office Hours:
Open Monday –Thursday
7am – 12 pm and 12:30 pm- 5 pm

Naturalist Offices:
Luhr County Park
Nature Center
3178 S. 150 W.
LaPorte, IN 46350
(219) 324-5855
natureniki@csinet.net rangerlaura@csinet.net

Nature Center Hours:
Open: Tuesday-Thursday and
Saturday - Sunday
1:00 pm - 4:00 pm
November - February

Maintenance Offices:
Luhr County Park
3178 S. 150 W.
LaPorte, IN 46350
(219) 326-0524


Regulations of the U.S. Department of Interior strictly prohibit unlawful discrimination in departmental programs on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, or disability. Any person who believes he or she has been discriminated against in any program, activity, or facility; or who desires further information regarding Title VI or subtitle A of title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act, Pub. L. 101-336, which prohibits discrimination on the basis of disability by public entities should write to:

LaPorte County Parks
Attn: Superintendent
0185 S. Holmesville Rd.
LaPorte, IN 46350

National Park Service
Attn.: Director Equal Opportunity Program
P.O. Box 37127
Washington, D.C. 20013-7127


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Parks Department Administrative Office
(219) 325-8315 or (219) 325-8316

Naturalist Offices
(219) 324-5855