LaPorte County Parks had nearly 10 miles of trails before the introduction of Red Mill County Park.Currently there is just nearly 10 miles of trails at Red Mill County Park and more are yet to come. The Parks Department takes a lot of pride in the quality of these trails. Thousands of visitors each year venture through woods, wetlands, and over water on park trails. Trails range from paved to wood chipped and are used for biking to hiking.

An Adopt-A-Trail program has been created within the LaPorte County Parks Volunteer Program. Individuals, groups, and families can adopt a trail at any of the LaPorte County Parks. Adopt-A-Trail (AAT) parents and families can volunteer their time and help take care of a trail of their choice. Duties include hiking the trail twice a month and cleaning up litter or debris from the trail. AAT volunteers will also help notify park staff of problems that need to be attended to in order to maintain safe trails.

Many trails have already been adopted, but there is still many that are still available. LaPorte County Parks Department is looking for dedicated groups or individuals who will adopt one of the many trails in the parks. AAT volunteers are important in the continuing efforts to offer high quality trails to visitors of the LaPorte County Parks. For more information on how you can become an Adopt-A-Trail Parent, contact the Parks Department at (219) 324-5855.

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Visit any park's site to view trail maps to help determine which trails you may want to adopt.




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