Geocache Placement Permit Application

Return to LaPorte County Parks 3178 S. 150 West LaPorte, IN 46350

Please complete and return to LaPorte County Parks for approval. If your application is approved, you will get a copy of the permit. The permit is good from the date issued until March 1st of the next year. After that, the cache will need to be applied for & approved once again and possibly moved. Keep in mind that you will need to monitor your cache monthly and that you are responsible for any damage to the parks as a result of your cache. If you are unable to keep your cache please contact us & terminate it with




Full Address:__________________________________________________________________




Day Phone #:_________________________ Evening Phone #:_________________________


Email Address:________________________________________________________________


Park Location: _______ Red Mill _______ Creek Ridge _______ Bluhm _______ Luhr




Cache name assigned:________________________ Cache by username:_________________


*Description of Location requested: ______________________________________________




*Description of Cache (container, contents, etc.) ____________________________________




Signature:______________________________________________ Date:__________________


*Please provide a picture of your cache box, its contents, and a picture of the location requested for review.


Geocaching Policies (


Geocaches placed within or in conjunction with any of the LaPorte County Park properties must be by permit only. Permit applications are available at Red Mill County Park and the Luhr Park Nature Center. Individuals applying for a cache placement permit are responsible for maintaining the cache and should check the cache monthly. Caches placed within the LaPorte County Park properties must be family friendly! Please ensure that they do not contain food, alcohol, tobacco, dangerous items, or adult items. All policies of the LaPorte County Parks Department must be observed while Geocaching. Help keep our parks clean, healthy, and practice environmental stewardship. Cache in, trash out while you are hiking.